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Interactive Humanoid Robot to be the Answerman Information Desk during Nanotechnology Conference/Expo

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Interactive Humanoid Robot to be the Answerman Information Desk during Nanotechnology Conference/Expo

Directing visitors and answering questions will be the job for AToM, the latest robot with human-like qualities custom designed by advanced engineers for nanotxUSA’08 during International Nanotechnology Week

Dallas, Texas, September 24, 2008. In keeping with the theme of this year’s event, Accelerating Nanotechnology Commercialization, the duties of greeting visitors and answering questions will be performed by a robot named AToM - short for “Advanced Technology of Mankind.”

This interactive conversational robot display is built by KumoTek Robotics exclusively for the NanotxUSA’08 Conference/Expo October 2-3 at the Hyatt Regency Dallas convention hotel. He stands approximately 5 feet tall, weighs in at 45lbs and is powered by the world’s smallest transistors inside an Intel Atom processor. The processor packs a whopping 47 million transistors on a single chip, measuring less than 26mm, making it one of smallest and least power consuming processors to date.

AToM has an embedded camera, speakers, and microphone that allow him to detect, see and hear in real-time. A screen on his chest shows images seen through his eyes. Visitors will marvel as his vision and face tracking software keeps them in view. When asked questions about the event, he will give vocal answers. And personal questions bring many surprises.

Having few to no moving parts and a robust Artificial Intelligence package, KumoTek’s interactive robots represent the next generation of commercial entertainment for marketing, museums, theme parks and even shopping malls. Robots like AToM have proven their worth in museums around the U.S. and continue to grow in popularity as unique marketing tools across industries.

KumoTek’s core areas of business include designing bipedal robot kits for educational markets, interactive character robots for events and marketing, and service utility robots for disaster area recovery operations. KumoTek is a veteran owned small business located in Richardson, Texas.

Visit KumoTek’s website at ( to learn more.

About nanotxUSA’08 Conference/Trade Expo with Global Partner nano tech Japan, highlights advances in nanoscience, explains how nanotechnology is being used today and how it will impact a broad range of industries tomorrow, including: electronics, energy, aerospace, defense, biomedicine, robotics, chemicals and more. nanotxUSA has established a reputation for delivering solid content, compelling panel discussions, early-stage investment opportunities and a world-class roster of presenters. The signature Nobel Laureate Legends cocktail reception, dedicated to the memory of Jack Kilby, Rick Smalley, and Alan MacDiarmid, continues this year in its fine networking tradition.

Highlights of nanotxUSA’08 at a GLANCE

Charismatic Leadership
· Dr. Tadashi Sasaki, Japanese Business Legend
Here on business relations tour

· Dr. Eric Drexler, keynoting
Internationally renowned nanotech business leader, Wired Magazine says “coined word nanotechnology”

· Stan Ovshinsky, keynoting
Time Magazine’s Hero of the Planet, and Japan’s American Hero

· Bill Kroll, keynoting
Matheson Tri-Gas, Tayio Nippon Sanso Corp., others

· Prof. Mauricio Terrones, keynoting
IPICyT (Mexico) Leader, National Laboratory for Nanoscience Research

· Dan Vilenski, Featured Business and Commercialization topics
Isreali Nanotechnology Initiative

More Speakers

· International Nanotechnology Week
100 Specialists to speak from world Nanotechnology hot spots. See lineup at website

· Panels: Safety/Trends/Finance/Investing
NANO-SAFETY & Risk Management Panel, Investing in Nanotechnology Panel, Nanotechnology & Society Panel, Workforce Development Panel, Accelerating Nanotechnology Commercialization Panel

· Nanotech 101—An Overview of Nanotechnology for Non-techies
Taught by Austin Community College

Special Events

· Nobel Laureate Legends Cocktail Reception
Important networking opportunities first evening of event


· AToM, Interactive Robot
Advanced robotic technology in greeting visitors and answering questions

· Breakthrough Technology Revealed by Leading Firms Many exhibitors have chosen nanotxUSA’08 to unveil dramatic developments

· New Product Demos
Long-time business alliances of complementary firms to be nurtured, established

· $200Million Texas Emerging Technology fund in action
Visit with the incubators making it happen and firms that are succeeding with the fund’s help, such as Optisense, in booth number 502.

· Numbers of Major Organizations and Associations
Providing big discounts on early registration conference passes. See at web site when you go to REGISTER

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