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September 26, 2008

Three weeks from now we'll know; the 2008 Nobel Laureates will have been chosen in all six disciplines. So now's the time to make your guesses, and then sit back and enjoy the thrill of the announcements with

As ever, all announcements will be broadcast live on the website (except for Peace which is announced in Oslo and for which the video footage will be available after a short delay). Each one is scheduled for a different day, so put the timetable in your diary and watch whichever ones you can. At the exact moment each announcement occurs, will be posting background information on the new Nobel Laureates and their work, including the official documentation from the Nobel Prize-Awarding Institutions. Later that same day, we'll be posting's own 'speed read' summaries of each prize.

Every Nobel Prize will also be covered in interviews, both with representatives of the Prize-Awarding Institutions, exploring the motivations for the award, and with the new Laureates themselves, capturing their immediate thoughts upon hearing the news. We'll also be offering visitors the chance to quiz members of each Nobel Prize-Awarding Committee in the days following each announcement, so please watch the site for details.

Meanwhile our educational work continues, and this week we launched a brand new multimedia production on the evolution of stars. Brought to you with the sponsorship of Honeywell, Star Stories traces the history of research into how stars are formed and how they work, illustrated through the milestones of Nobel Prize-awarded work. Take a look!

Adam Smith

The Nobel Prizes have rewarded many advances that revealed the secrets behind the life and death of stars, from their conception in the earliest moments of time to the exotic and spectacular explosions that end their lives billions of years later. Our brand new multimedia production, Star Stories, takes you on a journey through the Universe, helping you discover how stars are born, how they shine, and what happens when their light goes out.
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October 6th marks the start of the Nobel Prize announcements, with at least five prizes announced over the following week. Only Literature keeps us guessing, not committing to a date until the very last moment.
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If you use RSS feeds to keep you abreast of the news then add our feed to your list! Our RSS feed will reveal each Nobel Prize announcement as soon as it is made, and will also inform you when new content, such as summaries of the prizes and interviews with the newly announced Laureates, appears on The feed includes headlines, summaries and links back to to access the full information.
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Six different Committees choose the recipients of the six different prizes. Find out who makes the decisions, and how they work, in's dedicated section on the prize awarders.
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Discover more about each award from our live video interviews with members of the Nobel Prize-Awarding Committees, recorded immediately after each announcement. Here, for instance, Professor Göran K. Hansson discusses last year's Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
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Each October we also record telephone interviews with the new Nobel Laureates, bringing them a little closer to our visitors. Listen to Doris Lessing, recipient of last year's Nobel Prize in Literature, discussing her writing in the wake of the announcement.
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How many of the 2007 Nobel Laureates can you remember? Award yourself a prize if you get them all.
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For the eighth year in a row, the prize amount remains fixed at 10,000,000 Swedish Kronor (a little over US $1.5 million). But it hasn't always been so rewarding. See how the monetary value of the Nobel Prize has varied since its inception in 1901.
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